How do I convince my technical authority? How do I know what is available? Can proven technology really have such a big impact? What has been used by others? Who has the required expertise? Has an industry expert ever looked at this technology? This is so easy, why has it not been done before? Who can help me with my technology strategy? What’s the cost? What are the benefits? Who can supply in my region? Who has the required expertise? I never believe the claimed benefits from suppliers. I struggle to get a listening ear from operators. How do I position my technology for success?

Technology Deployment: it sounds easy.
In practice, it is challenging to get companies in
'risk-averse' industries to adopt technologies.
Based on our experience we know that it can be done. And the value can be phenomenal.

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We are very excited to announce a new 30 min. broadcast in our webinar series on


“Want to learn more about Smart solutions for data capture and processing to efficiently detect asset degradation?” Attend this FREE Webinar on September 26th at 9:00 AM CET (GMT +2) & 4:00 PM CET (GMT +2) hosted by Martin van den Heuvel, Principal Asset Management Consultant, and get introduced to 2 great technological solutions:


Featured Technologies
86742d03-ff1f-42e6-af06-a90b587451d9.png Remotely Controlled Aquatic Drones by AquaSmartXL
     Your smart pair of eyes on the water!
     Speaker: Dennis de Witte, Manager Operations


86742d03-ff1f-42e6-af06-a90b587451d9.png Digital Asset Condition Assessment by Falcker
     Better, faster & safer inspection
     SpeakerDuco de Boer, CIO

Technology Catalogue

Our main product

Building on our vast experience with technology deployment, this application was launched in July 2018.


Technology end-users will have technologies at their fingertips to improve their business output. It helps suppliers to market & show their technologies.

Consultancy & Workshops

We support technology end-users and suppliers to make technology deployment happen and deliver value through our tools and services:

  • Positioning technology for success through our Technology Stress Test (for suppliers and end-users)
  • Management support to streamline your technology organisation, including a Technology Deployment Health Check
  • Technology screening support for end-users
  • Hands-on Technology Deployment support, either directly or through our network of consultancy partners


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