The Technology Catalogue was launched in July 2018 with the first batch of technologies, and is now rapidly growing in terms of technologies and functionality. Individual users have free access to the catalogue. The platform was developed based on first-hand experience that it is often too difficult for decision makers in (oil & gas) companies to stay up to date on available technology-driven improvement opportunities for their business. Similar to how we use e.g. TripAdvisor in our daily life to find out about hotels, the Technology Catalogue helps users to see the wood for the trees when it comes to available technologies.


In this blog, we will highlight additional functionality that is available through a company- or industry association subscription, that will enable you to get the most value from the Technology Catalogue. You can pick and choose the menu options most relevant to you. We will discuss these in more detail below.


Available menu options

  1. Upload internal technologies
  2. Step-by-Step Deployment Guide
  3. Collaboration portal
  4. Technology uptake
  5. Investor portal
  6. Branding
  7. Server


1.  Upload internal technologies

The first option is relevant in case you have technologies that are not to be made publicly available, e.g. inhouse developed technologies. The option allows you to upload such technologies using the same format as for technologies in the ‘public’ part of the Technology Catalogue. End-users see technologies being presented in a consistent manner, and they can easily compare internal technologies with alternatives available on the market.

Technology entries for internal technologies will only be accessible for a restricted audience that you will be able to control. E.g. people within the same e-mail domain, specific joint venture partners, or members of the industry association.


2. Step-by-Step Deployment Guide

With this option, users within your company or association get guidance on the practical steps to be taken to get the technology deployed.


3.  Collaboration portal

Each entry in the ‘public’ Technology Catalogue contains a description about the technology, information about the provider, pros and cons, specifications, and user reviews. We do appreciate that there may be information that you want to keep restricted for use within your own company, or restricted for members of your industry association. The subscription for companies and industry association gives the opportunity to add additional information, such as feedback to capture internal demand, comments for scouted technologies, application guides, outcome of the Technology Stress Test, fields to capture feedback about deployment opportunities, etc.


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4.  Technology uptake

A matrix of technologies versus operating companies has proven to be a simple yet powerful way to spot deployment opportunities and to do value tracking of already deployed technologies. It also creates healthy competition and it gives management a tool to ask questions, this way also stimulating a replication culture (“I see that operating company X – which is similar to (y)ours – has deployed a wide range of technologies. Can these technologies also add value to (y)our company?”). We offer the possibility to not only include uptake within your own company, but also include the status of other companies as per information captured in the Technology Catalogue.



5.  Investor portal

Various of our clients have their own technology venture arm. The venture capital teams can use the Technology Catalogue to spot investment opportunities. The investment portal then gives the possibility to keep all internal stakeholders up to date on deal flow towards potential investment decision. You will be able to grant access to the investment portal on an individual basis.


6.  Branding

For all users within your company or industry association, the Technology Catalogue (internal/external technologies) appears as if it is your own catalogue.


7.  Connectivity

The default option is that all data is stored on our servers in The Netherlands.
We also offer the option for local storage to meet regulatory and company cyber security requirements.


Interested in a demo, want to learn more, discuss pricing schemes or other options you would be interested in as part of a company or industry association subscription?
Please contact Vincent van Beusekom or Erik Nijveld for more information.






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