Our consultancy activities for Oil & Gas companies focus on the following elements.


Management Consultancy

We can support you with all aspects related to setting up or streamlining your technology organisation, building on our vast experience with leading technology development and deployment activities in a large Oil & Gas company. We can advise, coach and support your technology leaders, or e.g. act as interim CTO or Technology Manager.



Technology Deployment Health Check

We assess the current effectiveness of technology deployment in your organisation using our health check tool. The input for the tool is generated though 5-20 structured interviews, with number of interviews dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation. Based on the outcome, specific recommendations are given to increase the effectiveness of the technology deployment delivery. For further background about the Technology Deployment Health Check: read our latest blog, or contact us!


Hands-on Technology Deployment support

We can support you with all the practical steps to make technology deployment happen and deliver value to your company. Dependent on the technology: we can either support you directly, or connect you to one of our consultancy partners or industry experts.

Technology Stress Test

Over the years we have learned what makes that technology gets deployed. We have captured our experience Рbased on >600 deployments Рin The Technology Stress Test.  Technology is assessed against ~30 criteria grouped under 7 themes, through a structured dialogue with key stakeholders. Based on the outcome of the Technology Stress Test, specific actions can be taken to increase the chances that the technology gets deployed. The Technology Stress Test is available to suppliers as part of the Technology Catalogue premium subscription. It is also discussed in detail during our workshops (read more)

Technology Screening

We can advise operators about applicable technologies, based on challenges/opportunities, and based on what has been done by other operators in analogue assets/projects. The typical duration of a technology screening workshop is 4-8 hours. The typical outcome is a set of ~3-10 impactful technologies, plus specific actions to make it happen.
We can also support you with building a detailed Technology Roadmap, and advise you on the steps to take to implement such roadmap, including the organisational aspects.


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