Technology Stress Test

What makes that some technologies get deployed, and other seemingly superior products struggle to get traction?


Although it cannot be ignored that there is a degree of risk-averseness in the Oil & Gas industry and industries of similar nature, there is also more that can be done to better position technologies such that the uptake is accelerated. Our Technology Stress Test – based on >20 years of technology deployment experience and >600 successful technology deployments – gives key insights.


Technology is assessed against ~30 criteria grouped under 7 themes, through a structured dialogue with key stakeholders. Based on the outcome of the Technology Stress Test, specific actions can be taken to increase the chances of success that the technology gets deployed.


Our experience has been that technology deployment is mostly driven by non-technical aspects, and the Technology Stress Test reflects that.

It is also our experience that 3-5 well-defined, targeted actions are often sufficient to get the technology deployment going. We can help you to get from A to B and develop the action plan based on the Technology Stress Test and our deployment experience. If needed, we can support you all the way to actual deployment of the technology and with sustainably embedding the technology into your business.



A Technology Stress Test takes a maximum of 4 hours, including preparing the deliverable using an Excel template. The template captures the key recommended actions. Also, it summarises the outcome of the Stress Test using a spider diagram and Impact versus Do-ability matrix.


The Technology Stress Test is available to suppliers as part of the Technology Catalogue premium subscription.
It is also discussed in detail during our workshops.


Curious to see what elements make up the Technology Stress Test?



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