What a year it was!

December 18, 2018

What a year it was! On March 1st we started our new working life at Deployment Matters. Initially Vincent and Erik, and soon thereafter joined by Eline. We have made progress on all fronts. A few highlights:


• The Technology Catalogue (www.technologycatalogue.com) was launched in July with an initial batch of technologies, and it has steadily grown since then, in terms of content and functionality. We’re impressed about the technologies we learned about that we simply weren’t aware of in the past! The most recent module addition is ‘Sustainability’, with already seven technologies in there. Thanks to many of you for being active users of the Technology Catalogue and/or for putting your technology in the catalogue. We particularly value the fact that many of you immediately believed in this product.


• We supported suppliers and operators with consultancy, training and workshops. An example is the support we gave to two European operators with turnaround optimisation; the turnaround duration could be reduced by ~20 and ~40% through deployment of technology. Also, we supported two European operators with streamlining their technology deployment organisation. We have run >30 Technology Stress Tests, a tool that results in key actions and insights to accelerate the uptake of technology. Also, more than 30 people attended our workshop Technology Deployment: How to get it done!


2019 promises to be very busy and we will hit the ground running with consultancy & workshops for a Norwegian operator. In parallel we have exciting plans to accelerate the development of the Technology Catalogue.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and all the best for 2019.


Eline Reijmerink
Vincent van Beusekom
Erik Nijveld


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