Our Workshop Technology Deployment: How to get it done and maximise outcomes! is based on over 20 years of strategic and hands-on experience with technology deployment. We understand what it takes to get technology deployed, including all change management aspects. During these sessions we share key insights on the industry best practices that address the most pressing business challenges as well as discuss the tools and processes to optimise your workflow. Participants will then get a chance to apply the learnings in small group exercises.


A workshop for suppliers focuses on better positioning their technologies to facilitate uptake by end-users, thereby increasing business revenue. Typical attendees have roles in marketing, sales and business development. A 4-hour workshop is included as part of the Premium subscription of the Technology Catalogue.

Example of Suppliers Workshop Itinerary

HSE and Introduction (15 min)


Technology Deployment from the perspective of end-users in Oil & Gas companies (45 mins)


The Technology Stress Test (60 min)

  • Introduction to the Technology Stress Test, a structured dialogue of approximately 30 criteria to diagnose business pain points, challenges as well as areas of opportunity. Recommendations will be made based on the outcome of the Stress Test with specific actions to be taken to increase chances of success.
  • Go through a Technology Stress Test exercise in plenary mode; Application of the Stress Test to one of the technologies of the supplier.

Break (15 min)


Small group exercise (90 min)

  • Participants to apply the Stress Test and the other key learnings to one or more of their technologies.
  • Report back key insights/actions.

Post Analysis Reflection – what will the company do differently/start doing? (15 min)



In addition to workshops for suppliers, we are advisors to end-users. A workshop for end-user companies typically takes a full day and mostly covers the same elements as above. In addition, a large part of the workshop focuses on critical success factors for technology deployment, such that technology deployment in the end-user company can be streamlined.


We also organise public events, mostly with local partners. The following events are currently planned and open for registration.


Workshops open for registration

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